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ProCeuticals 6% AHA Peel Solution

ProCeuticals 6% AHA Peel Solution

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Healthy skin renews itself approximately every 28 days. However, external aggressors like UV rays, smoking, pollution, and harsh surfactants, together with the natural ageing process which naturally slows down skin cell renewal, all play a role in compromising the skin’s renewal cycle. When this happens, skin health and texture can be negatively impacted, resulting in rough skin, fine lines, and more noticeable pores.

Refresh your regimen by adding NovAge Proceuticals 6% AHA Peel Solution. This exfoliating solution contains 6% alpha hydroxy acids (lactic acid and glycolic acid), and works by chemically exfoliating the dead, dry skin cells away from the surface of the skin to effectively speed up the skin cellular renewal process – for smoother, radiant, healthier-looking skin. Dermatologically and consumer tested

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